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Walking Changes America


Over the years I have walked and hiked and ran many miles.   There is nothing like being outside and taking new walking tours on paths, trails, sidewalks, streets and even some highways.  I love being present with the beautiful variety of landscapes, feeling the love of the universe through orange glow sunrises and sunsets shining down on me.  The moons are fascinating mostly because I send my love through night skies and imagine my kisses falling on the faces of those I love.

Since I started long distance walking, 3 – 23 miles a day, my life has improved.  The worlds of my loved ones have improved, and I believe the universe as a whole as improved.  Without me and my walking things would be different.  It is why I am so passionate about people getting out to walk.  They truly have no idea what is in store for them.  From the peace of mind to being more mindful to getting physical to listening for new ideas to literally changing your community, region, America maybe even the world.  And why wouldn’t you walk today?

Quiet Walking

Social Walking


AMERICA WALKS Organization:
Find the many benefits of walking.

Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking

Many doctors and other health professionals cite moderate physical activity, including walking, as a “magic pill” for excellent health. It can maintain the body’s systems in good condition and reduce the risk of chronic illness.

Good health is not the only benefit of walking. In fact, there is a broad range of individual and community benefits that accrue when people walk more often and when communities are designed to make walking safe, enjoyable, and convenient.

Safety Benefits: Walkable neighborhoods have much lower rates of traffic fatalities – for both pedestrians and motorists – compared with automobile-oriented areas. Download in Spanish

Health Benefits: Fewer than 50% of Americans meet the minimum guidelines for moderate physical activity – walking is the easiest and most affordable way to correct this problem. Download in Spanish

Social Equity Benefits: Low-income families are more reliant on walking for essential journeys than the middle class, and yet low-cost housing is often located in the most car-dependent places.

Environmental Benefits: Transportation is responsible for one third of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions – converting short driving journeys to walking journeys is reducing this impact significantly.

Transportation Benefits: One quarter of all trips in the U.S. are 1 mile or less, and yet most of these trips are taken by car – increasing walking reduces traffic congestion and the cost of road maintenance. Download in Spanish

Economic Benefits: The average household cost to own and operate one car in the U.S. is $9,000 per year – walkable neighborhoods allow families to own fewer cars and save money. Download in Spanish

The fact sheets were produced by America Walks in partnership with Sam Schwartz Engineering.  For further information on this partnership and the original Walk Steps project, Click Here.


Walking Resources:




My Dearest Walker Friend,

I will be adding a few entries here as I get prepared physically. emotionally, spiritually and mentally to walk, walk and walk some more!

Today is the day to begin to seriously pay attention seriously to my nutrition and exercise habits, again.  I am not quite sure why I am asleep on this one, again! I have been reading other #walkacrossamerica stories and I am feeling a little pressure to be in better shape.  It is so important to feel well and be strong, as Walking With America will require much effort.  I think I have let a part of me pay less attention to this as it has been so exciting planning the Walking With America events.  There have been many lunches and dinners and celebrations with cocktails, all of which are need I need to back off for a little bit.

January 17, 2018.
Exactly 1 month to the Official Kickoff Launch in Tahoe, set for February 17, 2018. Today I put the wine and whiskey away, already made my strawberry protein shake with a scoop of Elliots Nut Butters, a chilled class of Zenify for focus and stress relief, a liter of Essence pH10 Water and my Garcinia Cambogia for hunger control.   I have my leg weights on and lifting weights as soon as I am done with this entry.  Thanks for listening~~~ 🙂 What are you doing today to improve your health and fitness?

Later, I will be walking to a friends house to pick up her stroller.  It is not being used at the moment so I am going to use it for training.  I will put some rocks to it and see how easy it is to push, then add more rocks and push it some more.

Also for my emotional well being, I just got this email from my good friend Rebecca and thought I would share!
Sheryl, I am so proud of you and so blessed to be able to be a part of Walking with America.  Everything looks amazing and you are working so hard to make your dream come true.  My wish for you is for this to be everything and more you hoped it would be.  I know you will touch so many lives on your journey.  You are an amazing woman.  Much love!!!!

January 18, 2018



My Dearest Walker Friend,

Meet Bob the Ironman Duallie Stoller, or as I like to call her, Bobbie! She’s already a whopping 34 pounds and I have not even put anything in her yet!

I found her on Craigslist from her funny owner, Rob.  Rob told me that he should have been in the stroller business because he purchased a dozen strollers for his wife and he could just not get the right one no matter how he tried. He had to keep taking them back to the store. Lucky for me, he sold this one online.  I am not sure if Rob’s wife did not like Bobbi because of her color or what the issue was with this one, but regardless, it was exactly what I was looking for. It’s all good because I wanted the yellow one.   Bobbie is brand new out of the box and I got her for quite a discount.

Rob and Bobbie are in Venice, Florida at the moment.  I need to get Bobbie the Stoller over to West Palm Beach by April 1, 2018.  If you have any ideas on transportation, I would love to hear them.

My friend Fergy is coming over to help me gear up and figure out how many things I can put in her.  I know she can handle 100 pounds, but I sure don’t want to push that much stuff up a mountain!

I will need to learn how to change the tires and take care of her properly for 3600 miles.  I likely need to get a few of the accessories, like the weather shield and bar handle for cups and towels and what not.  Walking across the country is going to be interesting in all kinds of ways, so much to learn, but I think Bobbie will make it a lot easier!

If you see me on the trail and you want to push Bobbie for a while, I would welcome your efforts of course!  Walk With Me, please! Come out and join me for 1,2 or 100 miles.  Whatever suits your fancy!

~Your Walker Friend, Sheryl Lynn

Specs, in case you are interested.
A – Wheel Base: 
29.5 in (75 cm)
B – Overall Length: 54.7 in (139 cm)
C – Handle Bar Height: 40.0 in (102 cm)

Copy of the owner’s manual and to view instructional videos, Product Instructions page.  (that is for me in case I need to find it quickly)

  • Fixed front wheel provides increased stability whether jogging or running at training pace.
  • Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage.
  • State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system provides an exceptionally smooth ride.
  • Create a complete travel system with matching BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seats and a BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter.
  • Accessory Adapter allows for quick and easy attachment of BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or Snack Tray.
  • Ultra-padded, adjustable and independently reclining seats for enhanced seating comfort. Five-point padded harnesses help keep your children comfortably secure.
  • Independent multi-position canopies adjust for protection against the elements. Large viewing windows let you keep an eye on your babies.
  • Lightweight alloy wheels with pneumatic tires and tubes are fast and durable.
  • Low Boy Cargo Basket provides plenty of undercarriage storage. Additional space in large seatback pockets. Internal seat pockets provide a great place for snacks and toys.
  • A simple twist of the front wheel tracking adjustment knobs keep you rolling straight.
  • When engaged, the parking brake helps secure a stopped position. Hand Brake provides additional stopping assistance when strolling.
  • Padded handlebar for comfort; wrist strap helps you secure stroller when strolling and provides handy fold lock when folded.
  • Canopy silk screened with IRONMAN logo.
  • Weight (Net): 34lb, 15.3kg
  • Capacity: 8 weeks to 100lb, 45.4kg (occupants plus luggage weight); from birth with the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter & compatible Infant Car Seat. Maximum occupant height is 44in or (112cm). Do not exceed the maximum weight or height, as stroller will become unstable.
  • Frame Materials: High strength aluminum alloy.
  • Seat Material: Poly and Dobby weave fabrics with water repellent coating and open cell foam padding.
  • Seat Care: Sponge area with a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all soap and allow to dry. DO NOT USE DETERGENT
  • Seat Harness: Padded 5 point harnesses.
  • Safety Features: Padded 5 point harnesses / parking brake / wrist strap / seat retention strap.
  • Seat Recline: Adjustable seatback recline, down to 70° from vertical.
  • Suspension: Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers provide three inches of wheel travel. Adjustable shock release knobs allow for two shock positions to fine-tune suspension for varying occupants and cargo. Position 1: 0-50 lbs. Position 2: 51-100 lbs.
  • Tires: Pneumatic 16″ x 1.5″ Semi-slick tires.
  • Tubes: Pneumatic with schrader valve.
  • Hub: Quick release axle with sealed cartridge bearings.


100 (Yes, Really!) Reasons to Walk

Let the journey begin! My whole body is itching to go on the road with minimal things, an epic challenge, the journey of a lifetime. Walking from Florida to California for most people may seem daunting, but I bet you have also thought of something epic that you have always wanted to do to. What is stopping you? What other dreams or wishes do you have?  It is time to get off that chair and go after whatever is on your heart. You can do it!

I am so looking forward to meeting many new people and having great experiences as I embark on my plan of Walking With America! Please plan to WALK WITH ME!

Starting in April 2018, the fears will subside, and I will venture out in the world starting in Key West, FL, our southernmost city, to end in San Francisco, CA. This trek of trails and paths and streets and highways may take nearly 6 months to walk. My crew is helping me, and I am so thankful for all the support coming my way.

Many people have asked why? That got me thinking: WHY I am spending so many hours Walking With America?  Why would I turn my life upside down, my family’s life, my business life, and my Tahoe life to start a trek that will be far from a walk in the park?

There is no way to describe an event of this magnitude in just one sentence or even with just ten solid reasons.  The flow of interesting—and maybe a few trivial—reasons kept coming to me as I was out on the trail, you know, walking. The reasons keep coming and I could easily write 1,000, but I think we can agree that 100 is a good start!

Here are the first 100 reasons why I will be Walking With America from Florida to California starting April 1, 2018.

100 Reasons to Walk

  1. To live my Seven Celebrations daily
  2. To build a rock map (rocks that look like states, game while walking)
  3. To leave a legacy
  4. To affirm that I am good enough and smart enough
  5. To finish my book
  6. To build a community
  7. To inspire people to walk
  8. To be in nature
  9. To get real dirty
  10. To cleanse and hydrate
  11. To build momentum, good things create more good things
  12. To stop watching Netflix
  13. To get off caffeine
  14. To adopt a new direction in life
  15. To enjoy the trees, where there is no judgment
  16. To use social media less
  17. To develop positive habits
  18. To learn to sing
  19. To replace old with new
  20. To build more campfires
  21. To be relentless, bold and audacious
  22. To claim my greatness
  23. To observe detail
  24. To have magical moments
  25. To slow down (way down)
  26. To get stronger
  27. To weigh less
  28. To lessen aches and pains, time to heal naturally
  29. To eat unusual local foods
  30. To rid myself of tensions, worry, and stress
  31. To feel young
  32. To see SO many new things
  33. To become physically flexible
  34. To look into people’s eyes
  35. To understand my life depends on it
  36. To seize the day— tomorrow isn’t a guarantee!
  37. To experience fewer rules
  38. To smile and laugh more
  39. To connect with spirit
  40. To listen to bestsellers
  41. To laugh, a lot
  42. To be open minded
  43. To figure out the gear
  44. To maintain my best mindful attitude
  45. To wake up feeling refreshed
  46. To experience a minimalistic life
  47. To be prepared for wild animals
  48. To become knowledgeable about trails/maps
  49. To build mental preparedness
  50. To build up endurance
  51. To get into a training mindset now
  52. To get in tune with my body
  53. To be flexible and spontaneous everyday
  54. To be fearless, like yard camping
  55. To start sweating
  56. To be kind, help others
  57. To trust my instincts
  58. To appreciate what I have
  59. To deal with others fears when they say I’m nuts.
  60. To maybe work for money – waitressing or pulling weeds
  61. To not have a plan
  62. To just BE
  63. To clear my head
  64. To find my voice
  65. To gain confidence and competence
  66. To get in the best shape of my life
  67. To become thrifty
  68. To spread sunshine
  69. To be seen
  70. To gain wisdom
  71. To think less about what I wear—I will only be wearing yellow!
  72. To go natural
  73. To discover new places
  74. To make new friends
  75. To enjoy entertainment of all varieties
  76. To learn about me
  77. To eat raw, some of the time
  78. To listen to my body
  79. To meet friends along the way
  80. To be surprised
  81. To have fun, fun, fun
  82. To encourage change, rather than become stagnant
  83. To break comfort zones
  84. To get ready for opportunity coming my way
  85. To face fears of the unknown
  86. To focus on me
  87. To focus on others
  88. To celebrate dreams coming true
  89. To walk for those who can’t
  90. To communicate with people who are important
  91. To feel rewards of this trip for years to come
  92. To help me sleep
  93. To improve attention/memory
  94. To boost immune system
  95. To think clearly
  96. To volunteer and become more connected to humans
  97. To bask in the sunlight
  98. To take advantage of my youth
  99. To learn to trust my crew

 And last, the main reason for walking from Florida to California, reason #100 is to experience more PEACE and JOY—for myself and others.




It was a perfect day in Tahoe for an outdoor activity. No snow on the ground, yet we need our umbrellas to keep the rain and sleet off of us.  The little amount of precipitation was enough to get us wet, but it did not matter, after all, we are from Tahoe!  Everything went perfectly to plan.  All of our friends brought friends, they came on time and many even arrived early to get prepared.  Jim and Beth were there to shoot the video so we were all set.  I gave a short little speech and explained a little about Walking With America.  Then I said, “Come on America, Let’s Walk!”

As per previous events, I have done, our very diverse eclectic group were outgoing, excited to meet each other, up for anything and extremely friendly.  There was a ton of fun as everyone disconnected from the phones, and connected to a real human spirit.  It gave me such joy to hear the laughter in the air and the busy curiosity about what we were actually doing.

For a little over a mile and about 1 hour of time, we walked and talked, and talked and walked.  We had families with dogs, and children and friends and fresh air.  It was colorful and bright and fantastic.

We waved to passerby’s as we obviously spread joy to the drivers and passengers in the vehicles. You could tell by the enormous smiles on their faces as well as the many people waived back to us. They did not really know what was going on, but someday they will.

The group stayed together and when we got to the South Lake Tahoe High School corner, we had a surprise hiding behind the rocks at the Tahoe High School wall. But first, I asked everyone to tell us why they thought Walking with America was a good thing.  They said, “It’s so needed.” “It’s fun.” “We are outside living life.” “Fresh air and exercise.” There were many other comments as well.  I then asked everyone to tell me one thing worth celebrating the last 24 hours, which is my usual go-to question for a new group.  Again a diverse set of answers; one woman was getting over an illness, two of them said they had been able to work as a team and had fun doing it.  A gentleman commented on how happy he was for making healthy choices about diet and exercise in the last 24 hours.

All in all, I think the event gave us all a little more of what we need as humans; connection, a sense of belonging, and the time to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Of course, there was love.

I am so pleased. I hope you are all too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming out! Be ready for Walking to America to come to your community, and please do WALK WITH ME!

Plan to join us on Feb 17, 2018, in South Lake Tahoe for our Official Tahoe Kickoff for Walking With America 2018!  Details to follow.  Stay tuned to this site.