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I have a vision …

For every step we took together, we simply did it because we could.

For every step we took together, more Moms & Dads put their phones down and looked their children in the eyes.

For every step we took together, we prayed for fatal shootings to cease in the US of A.

For every step we took together, we knew we took it for those who couldn’t.  

For every step we took together, we created countless heartfelt connections with others.  

For every step we took together, we became more vulnerable and mindful of our needs.

For every step we took together, we felt calm and connected with our inner strength and power.

For every step we took together, we held fast to each other, learning to be quiet and truly listen.

For every step we took together, we walked without passing judgment on others.

For every step we took together, we walked for those who needed us the most, for those with feelings of suicide, for those living with mental illness, and for the countless Americans feeling alienated, lonely, broken, and trapped.

For every step we took together, we sent support, love, and gratitude to our veterans and soldiers.

For every step we took together, we built our self-confidence and surprised ourselves through trusting the ones walking beside us.

For every step we took together, we became more and more aware of what joining together truly means, regardless of religion, ethnicity, physical appearance, upbringing, social status, or economic means.

For every step we took together, we felt free, moving steadily and courageously towards a brighter, better future.

For every step we took together, we loved ourselves a little more.

For every step we took together, we loved each other a little more.

For every step we took together, life became easier, more vibrant, more connected, and more fulfilling than we could have EVER dreamt.




Tap, Tap, Tap.  Mike yawns, “What?”

“Let’s Go!”  I said.

“Where?” he mumbles, in a total state of confusion.

Tap, Tap, Tap.  Nothing. I just lay there looking up at him.  Tap, Tap, Tap.  It’s Saturday morning.  What in the world is he doing still sleeping at 8 AM?

Still nothing.  Tap, Tap, Tap.  Finally, he comes to see the light of day and scratches his head and stretches. “What now, go where, go where, and what time is it?”

Natural energy that never quits.

“Let’s go,” I said again.

“Go to the store, to the living room to clean, to the park, to the mountain to hike, go for a bike ride, go out for breakfast, go skiing, go to Spain, go to the backyard to play badminton, go to the neighbors, go rake, go on a one of a kind anything, go on a never been done before adventure, go for a car ride, a plane ride, a train ride, a gondola ride, let’s just go!”


Gosh, I sound like a character straight out of Dr. Seuss.  I can’t explain my drive, my massive amount of energy, that inner demand that makes me want to go and go and go and never stop.  People have called me crazy, a tornado, a hurricane, a hot mess, a bull in a china shop and bunch of other stuff.  Maybe it is a chemical imbalance, who knows!  I just call it, excited to be alive.  So we all live with me having an abundant amount of energy.  I guess there are worse things I could be.

One day I woke up and decided to ride around Lake Tahoe, seventy-two miles around the might blue, on my mountain bike.  I think the longest bike ride I ever took before that was about twenty-five miles.  Just over seven and a half hours later, I was a Hot Mess, but oh so happy and overjoyed that I did it.

Years ago, I took myself on a two-month excursion across the USA in my van, just me and some gas money.  I had recently turned fifty, all my girls graduated from high school and were living their lives and I needed some alone time.  From California to Washington, New York, Key West, Nashville, Denver… and back home…It was so fun! One stop I made was in Yosemite National Forest.  Being a small town girl from the Midwest, I did not know what the Half Dome was, so I asked questions.  I applied for a permit and two days later I was set to go up 4800 feet in elevation, sixteen miles to the peak which was 8,800 above sea level.  I did not have much food because the raccoons ate it. I did not have gloves to go up the rope cables, but I pressed on.  I had some cool people that showed me the way, let me snack on their extras, and share their gloves.  Talk about epic.

I have completed three half marathons, with little to no training.  I am not much of a runner, but I did them and always finished in the middle of the pack.  Again, so happy I was able to complete my goal.  But it was not enough.

When I first moved to South Lake Tahoe, I did not know anyone or my way around.  One of the first weekends here, I strapped on my backpack and grabbed my hiking gear, and told Mike I would be back soon. Not sure of the trails, I decided to start at a trailhead called Mt. Tallac. I had half a bottle of water and 1 Cliff Bar.   About three and a half hours into the hike, some fellow hikers said, “You’re almost there, you have to go the top now!” I was not going to pass up on that challenge.  Finally six and a half hours after I left home for a “short exploratory hike,” I walked a bit wobbly to my van, hoping there was another bottle of water in there!  There was and that was a bit of a learning lesson.  I pack much better now.

On a Friday night in early September, I asked Mike if he would drop me off at 5:30 AM twenty-six miles up the road.  He does not argue or ask to0 many questions anymore.  So, we got up, drove 26 miles halfway around Lake Tahoe and I stepped out onto the blacktop in the pitch dark.  About 2 PM that afternoon I finished my “private” marathon.  It was pretty exhilarating.

Lucky for me, I get to draw on this energy to get me across the country. 3600 miles of going, going, going.  Maybe I will run out of energy, what do you think?


I consider myself a high flyer, someone who has chosen to be aligned, in line, and in the vortex living my life every day.  My attunement with myself gives me ample ability to focus when I want, quiet my mind often and allow the gifts of life to show up.

It’s 11:09 PM. Now, if I could find a trampoline to expel just a little more energy, that would be ideal! HAHA. There might be people who push me down, but I finally know myself enough now that when I need to go, I must go.  Doing and thinking positive things all day every day is just what I choose and its darn exciting!  I will sleep tonight with my InsoZia from Viva Health Solutions, and dream about another exciting day tomorrow, a day of a super awesome attitude filled with drive, enthusiasm, and passion! I can’t wait.

Thank you for walking with me, at least I hope you will.  I really want to finish.  I really, really want to be strong and healthy and happy at the end of this journey.  I need your help! See you on the trails!

Sometimes you have to do more than just go to the party, you have to bring something to the party!  I hope to do that when Walking With America!