You can count on me, Crew! I am your "go to" person 24/7 for anything and everything that comes up. If you need some help on your project, call me anytime. My Mom is my #1 and like everyone, I want to make sure she gets home safely, and to my college graduation in June of course.
I am the daughter who inherited the unique trait of thinking through things. I like to study, reflect, contemplate, evaluate, ask questions, and then consider any other possibilities before I give my opinion or suggest solutions. Based on all of that, I can help Mom get her butt home back to see her granddaughter as soon as possible. Lolly will be missed.
My Honey
I want my honey to have fun along the way. I know she will be fine as The Crew is so amazing and helping her out in every way. Along with helping to track and monitor her progress, I will oversee any necessary accommodations necessary or really anything and everything she might need. I am confident and grateful for all the help!
I am a business coach by trade, so I am here to help Sheryl enjoy sharing her message, whether it is through preparing for a speech, any video/on stage needs or preparing a dance routine for the launch. I also know a ton of people so I am looking forward to connecting her with my amazing friends around the country.
I am the doer, the one taking action and checking things off the list. You don't have to ask me as I can see what needs to be done before most others. I also ask questions, like "where is the blister tape and do you have enough solar-powered batteries. I am helping to make the walk the best it can be for Sheryl and the nation.
I am a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. I am so excited for Sheryl and getting ready over the next few months is key. I make sure she is getting her training in, creating good eating habits and enjoying herself stress-free while preparing for this amazing adventure! I will also be advising her on a nutritional needs along the route. Let's push that stroller up a mountain!
I am the tracker and focused on the details of the trip. I am focused on first aid, safety devices, suitable apps and gear needs. I will do research on anything that comes up. I look forward to joining for a walk and helping to plan the last leg of the trip. Since I am from San Jose, just a short distance to San Francisco where she will roll in sometime in October, I will be ready for whatever needs there are.
I am here to figure out what is possible and plan some cool stops for Sheryl. I want to make sure the whole team is there for her and doing what we can to make it a smooth and easy 6-month walk. I can scout the campsites and monuments for really cool Happy Hour events. I am sure it will be amazing!
Puzzle Solver
I enjoy looking at the whole project from the top down and can get a grasp on what needs to be done. I help with delegating and planning and making appointments. I called my friend and got Sheryl her first television interview! Here we go!
I love planning trips, and teaching about the great outdoors. I wish my sister Sheryl Lynn, (we call ourselves SherylSquared for fun) the best. I am providing her with insight and tools for lists of gear, ideas for adventure and how to appreciate the beauty of it all. Plus I just like to listen!
​I am bringing the applause, the I CAN DO IT attitude, anything is possible to Sheryl's walk. I can't wait to be part of helping Sheryl spread her smile across America. I will be there with her in spirit and celebrating every step of the way!​ Go Sheryl Go!!!
​I am the meditator who loves to hang out in the vortex, where everything is working out perfectly. Sheryl and I often say, "We are ready, We are ready, We are ready. ​I know Sheryl is ready for this walk and I can help her by believing in her helping her stay focused.
Hi! I am Kelley. I went to one of Sheryl Lynn's Green Apron events and loved the energy and excitement. I get to bring my problem solving skills to this project. My motto is "Ill figure it out." I am great on excel and formulas make me so happy.
Web Designer
I help Sheryl create her dream on her website, bringing all the creative ideas together in one place. I update almost daily so anytime anyone needs to post something, please let me know! I am here to help and can implement quickly. I am looking forward to assisting on this project!
My passions lie in reorganizing sentence structure, experimenting with words, playing with punctuation, and obsessing over grammar. I’m here to help Sheryl tell her story in engaging, efficient, and creative ways by creating killer content for her blogs, social media posts, and books. Story-telling is a beautiful and fundamental element of life—and Sheryl is going to have one EPIC tale!
Hi, I am Kenya! I am the here to help Sheryl create the Walking With America brand and share her mission with rest of the world. Tune in as we broadcast her mission on the radio, TV, in newspapers, and social media; on platform at a time! By October, we hope to have ​you ​walking with her too!