As I walk across America, I will have a HEALTHY HAPPY HOUR every single day.  It will be interesting to see where I end up after walking 7 -8 hours.  I can’t wait to see what my Healthy Happy Hour will consist of; I imagine they may be on a courthouse lawn where I will enjoy the city sites with a cold glass of iced tea.  Perhaps I will find myself on the top of mountain dangling my feet from rock or bench enjoying a cold beverage with new friends that I meet on the trail.  Whatever or wherever I am, I know it will be fun and full of celebrations about the people I will meet at the conversations I will have.  Walk with me!  
Here is a chance for you to also join me along the way.  You can become a fabulous Healthy Happy Hour Host. 
These are very special ladies and gentleman currently creating a very special HHH event in their hometown.  In each of the 26 cities I will visit, these 26 amazing leaders who will gather a group of people to WALK WITH ME.  Each walk will consist of 2-3 miles.  After we walk and talk and laugh…the host picks one of her/his favorite spots to sit down and enjoy each others company for 1 hour.  There will be other fun surprises as well.  
We still need a few great hosts. Would you like to engage your community to come out to walk, enjoy each other’s company and have some fun?  We have invited the Mayors, clubs, and organizations. 
Simply email me at and tell me why you want to host one of the 26 cities on the route.  We will send you all the details.
I am so grateful and cannot wait to share some time with you while I am on the trail.  There is nothing like walking together to reduce stress, move your body in nature, restore your soul and enhance your social life.  Bring the whole family, all ages. I encourage all of us to invite others to these great vents as you never know who would love your invitation to join us! 
You have to see my stroller named BOBBIE! What does one carry in a stroller on a 3885-mile trek? Come out and see!
Your Walker Friend,
Sheryl Lynn

South Lake Tahoe, CA

February 17th

Gail Roraback


Key West

April 1st

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Miami, FL

April 8th

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West Palm Beach, FL

April 11th

Lauren H3 Host Jacob Sponsorship