As Sheryl brings Walking With America across the country, every day brings new opportunities to meet incredible, unique, and inspiring people along the way.

Uniquely, this “On the Road” segment introduces a brand-new friend, team member, and walker. Ruben Ortega is joining Sheryl on her epic journey, supporting the mission of WWA with every step—to live happier, healthier lives.

Walking With America is both proud and pleased to welcome Ruben Ortega to our ever-growing network of support for a healthier, happier nation!

Ruben has joined Sheryl as she continues on her path across America, sharing every step and helping those they meet along the way to improve their overall well-being and quality of life.

A sales representative for Theramu—a safe, all-natural alternative for pain management—Ruben first met Sheryl as a business partnership, joining forces with Burst Management to promote healthy, natural products.

As luck would have it, Ruben happened to be visiting South Florida and stopped to replenish Sheryl’s supply of Theramu. It was in that moment that Sheryl and Ruben both came to the same realization—why not walk together?

Sheryl & Ruben–Bringing WWA across Florida!

As Ruben describes it, “It was almost like she wanted me to walk with her but didn’t ask. And I wanted to walk with her, but I didn’t ask!” One week later, Ruben found himself walking right beside Sheryl as an integral part of the Walking With America movement.

“It’s such a big deal that I’m walking across the country with her! Both of us are are excited about it,” he says.

We caught up with Ruben during a mid-day walking break, resting from the Florida sun beneath the shade of a palm tree. When asked if he felt like he was ‘living the dream,’ Ruben laughed and said, “Living the dream—what’s great is that this is reality! I don’t have to dream, that’s what’s cool!”

What made you want to join WWA?

When Sheryl first told me that she was walking through America, I was like “What?!” A good friend of mine actually did something similar, biking from Maryland to Key West and then Seattle to San Diego, which I always thought was really cool.

Ever since Sheryl told me about her walk, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I love the idea of motivating people to just get up and do something—to just be healthy, live a healthy lifestyle. Get up and walk—that’s it, it’s so simple!

What did your family and friends have to say about your decision to join WWA?

Well, the first thing you have to know about my brother is that he has a rule with me—any ideas that I give him, his first answer is always “No” because I’m a salesman!

Of course, once he heard me talk about it—and when he saw how excited my boss at Theramu was about the possibility of taking the product out on the road—he was like “Wow, that’s great!” My brother is very supportive—he’s always checking in on me, seeing how many miles we have done, and making sure that I have everything that I need.

How long do you plan on walking with Sheryl?

I’m planning to walk with Sheryl the whole way through—after all, the whole point is to finish! Naturally, Sheryl has to see if she likes me being around, and it’s all so new that there’s a whole lot of uncertainty there as to whether the chemistry will work well.

So far, it has been awesome! There is an opportunity to keep working while walking—I can do what I’m doing already, but also do WWA. I love to meet new people and go new places—plus, it’s also going to get me into great physical shape!

Do you have any personal goals that you are hoping to achieve with WWA?

For me, definitely treating my body as a temple—being healthy is a huge thing. My goal is to be healthy, so physical fitness is a big draw. But there are so many other great reasons for anyone to get behind this—it’s not just for weight loss, it’s for affecting other people’s lives and changing communities.

For me, this walk also has perfect timing. I’m starting a new life and a new career—it’s a great transition period. I’m finding out who I am. Any time you go on a journey like this, something is going to happen to you—you just have to be open to it!

Welcome to the WWA team, Ruben! 


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