As Sheryl brings Walking With America across the country, every day brings new opportunities to meet incredible, unique, and inspiring people along the way.

Our “On the Road” series features brief interviews and unique insights from these new-found friends, team members, and networks across the nation that support the mission of WWA—to live happier, healthier lives.

With a passion for personal fitness and health, Shayna Frasco-Rose, owner of The Rose Athletic Club (RAC) is a natural reflection of the Walking With America vision!

Happily married with two young boys, Shayna founded The Rose Athletic Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida, five years ago with one goal in mind—to do what she loved, and to help children and families do the same. Having grown up with physical fitness as a central part of life (her father and uncles were all body builders), a passion for living a healthy life was instilled early on. As she says,

“I’m big on kid’s programs because I feel that schools continue to have less physical activity. I even teach at my son’s preschool [sports]. I like bringing that awareness there at a young age, that’s kind of how I grew up and it stuck with me for the rest of my life!”

The Rose Family

As both a new mother and a new Florida resident, Shayna recognized the importance of encouraging children to participate in physical health. Today, along with a wide variety of children and adult-oriented fitness programs, the RAC Athletic Club features Mommy & Me classes, encouraging mothers to safely and confidently make physical fitness fun, interactive, and fulfilling.

With a strong focus on supporting physical activity and health within the family dynamic, Shayna is a perfect fit for the Walking With America cause, and a wonderful friend to have connected with along the way.

As she says, “America is families; it’s real people. It’s kind of what intrigued me about Walking with America—it’s all about real people with real goals!”

(We couldn’t have said it any better, Shayna!)

Our Newest Florida Host—Shayna Frasco-Rose & The RAC

We are so pleased to announce that in April, Shayna will be one of our Florida hosts for Walking With America. She will be helping to build and support a community of happy, healthy walkers in Port St. Lucie!

Keep an eye on Walking With America and Rose Athletic Club for updates on the upcoming event, and don’t forget to reach out and connect with The RAC and Shayna:

The Rose Athletic Club

Connect with Sheryl—Walking With America

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