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The Harris Poll which has been conducting a happiness survey for the last nine years surveyed 2,202 Americans ages 18 and older in May 2017.  The survey found that only 33% of Americans surveyed said they were happy. In 2016, just 31% of Americans reported the same.

What? Really?

John Gerzema, CEO of the Harris Poll states, “It feels like a cultural lack of presence. We are so caught up in our texting, multitasking, jobs, and commutes that we seem to have less and less free time.”

I feel that too, don’t you?  Geez.  33% of people are unhappy?!  So why am I walking with America for nearly 3,600 miles and writing a book called YOUR WAY?

I’m afraid I will never get off the roller coaster.

Walking With America
Walk With Me Please

This entire wild adventure, the dreaming, writing, thinking outside of the box, walking across the country, asking for help, asking for money, asking for sponsors, making a website, all is me putting myself out in the world for all to see. I am turning my life upside down and becoming visible. I am finally once and for all, getting off the roller coaster. I have searched for happiness for so long and for the most part, all parts of my life feel good and are exciting.

Walking With America, this whole project is simply a continuation of that joy that I have, there is an inner drive that won’t quit. My survival depends on it. Allowing a vibrational alignment with the universe, minus the pushing is at my feet, literally!!!  I am listening to my inner guidance with both ears to the ground. I will walk this path and have a blast all the while creating a successful adventure with the people I love, and those who I have yet to meet.

Daring, inspiring, true. Needed. Transformative. Christopher Mena, CMena Designs

I am in the process of creating a fun way to share Walking With America.  There will be a video, a website, a woman in a yellow icon, a book, and some social media. My daily meditations bring so many great ideas to me and I just keep listening, taking it in and following the strong impulses as I go. I am trusting the process. I believe in me and am finally letting go of the fear of what other people think. How’s that for affirmation?

Walking With America
Walk With Me!

Let it flow!

I believe it is selfish to hold back my gifts and talents. So many people have and will benefit from me, just being me. Every day, as of lately there are 1,000 lightbulbs popping off in my head and I am loving these illuminations! I wake most mornings without fear. It is a fun and exciting time for me to shine while holding a candle to America, asking all of you to walk with me and let your light shine too.

Life is here. Life is now. Happy is not someday, or tomorrow or next year. It’s now, it’s TODAY.

It’s almost 11:00 PM EST. I have an appointment with the Boys and Girls Club on Friday. I really want to show them my project, so I am up finishing a few blog posts. It’s fun to see my words transform into a story, even if the grammar is off. Thank goodness for Grammarly!

Today was good. Very, very good.  I let each hour flow into the next, paying attention to how I am feeling, doing what is important and letting everything else go.

Let it flow. Let it flow. Let it flow.  When I have a firm grip on the art of allowing, I can be far more conscious and deliberate in my actions.  When I do less, more gets done.  When I breathe fresh air and quiet my mind, the things I want show up faster than even I can believe.

Put yourself out there. You are ENOUGH. ” Sheryl Lynn