Tahoe Tribe Series—Ceci Chourre, The Puzzle Solver

The Tahoe Tribe blog series features a group of women that are dedicated to supporting success in each other’s personal and professional lives. Each and every woman is remarkable in their own way, offering unique—and absolutely invaluable— contributions to each other and to the WWA movement as a whole.

As a unit and as individuals, these ladies both redefine and exemplify the true meanings of support, love, sisterhood, and friendship. In short, Walking With America simply would not be possible without them!

As the Puzzle Solver, Ceci excels at seeing an entire project from the top down and identifying exactly what needs to be done. In the months to come, she will continue to send her support and lend an expert hand at delegating and planning as Sheryl treks across the country.

Eighteen years ago, Ceci “followed her bliss” and left the city to embrace the mountains, outdoor living, WWA, and the Tahoe community with open arms. As she says, “Having really healthy, open friendships—that has been amazing!”

What does Walking With America mean to you?

Ultimately, Walking With America is about bringing people together to get out and reap the health, social, and community benefits of getting together and walking. We do a ton of that in Tahoe—it’s just built into our community fabric! We walk out of the door when we are done with work, we get out, and we prioritize coming together as a community in an outdoor or philanthropic way.

In a way, Walking With America takes that unique culture across the United States, showing people exactly how we do it in Tahoe— It’s a Forrest Gump-esque walk that promotes the national movement of movement!

How would you describe the Tahoe Tribe to someone you just met? What does the Tahoe Tribe mean to you?

It’s a group of independent and successful women who have chosen to come together and support each other in our goal-setting and in our lives that we have dreamed out. We have found that a group of accomplished women can be incredibly successful with that!

How do you stay happy & healthy each day?

As someone who manages chronic fatigue and depression, part of my management repertoire is being in the outdoors—hence my reason to move to the mountains, walk, and spend time with other people that are like-minded.

The idea of using walking to help chronic fatigue and stave off depression is a huge thing that could be highlighted for people across the United States.

This year, I’m learning how to cook nutritionally. I’m also a lifelong learner, and I love being active in and supporting my community—that’s what WWA is all about! I love inspiring others to get out and be in nature, especially anything that is freshwater oriented.

Any tips for those who are curious about living happier, healthier lives?

There’s nothing that you will lose by getting out and doing it—all you will do is gain something that will benefit you emotionally, physically, and socially. It will increase your productivity, your personal enjoyment, your projects, and even your family and work relationships. Not to mention, getting out and being in nature is just simply fun!

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