Tahoe Tribe Series—Jennifer Fuller, The Trainer

The Tahoe Tribe blog series features a group of women that are dedicated to supporting success in each other’s personal and professional lives. Each and every woman is remarkable in their own way, offering unique—and absolutely invaluable— contributions to each other and to the WWA movement as a whole.

As a unit and as individuals, these ladies both redefine and exemplify the true meanings of support, love, sisterhood, and friendship. In short, Walking With America simply would not be possible without them!

As “The Trainer,” Jennifer has been using her role as a certified nutritionist and personal trainer to ensure that Sheryl is physically prepared leading up to the walk. Physical training, good eating habits, and a stress-free outlook are all key elements to the success of Walking With America, both as a movement and as a six-month journey.

While Sheryl is on the road, Jennifer will be providing ample support and encouragement. From advice on nutritional needs, motivational phone calls, and everything in-between, she will be ready and waiting to lend her training expertise.

With proper nutrition and physical training as a foundation, there is no limit to what Walking With America can accomplish—as Jennifer says, “Let’s push that stroller up a mountain!”

What does Walking With America mean to you?

As a health coach, I realize that there is a pandemic of inactivity that is leading to our health crisis in America. The Walking With America concept is great, as it is essential to getting people out and moving at a basic and foundational level.

Ultimately, Walking With America is a campaign to celebrate life, live happier, and encourage people to get moving!

How would you describe the Tahoe Tribe to someone you just met?

A diverse group of women whom have come together from varied backgrounds, all focused on supporting each other to set goals and to achieve them when they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.

How do you stay happy & healthy each day?

I have had a personal battle with my own health. I know what it is like to face death and I never want to look back! Each day, I live my life to the fullest and choose a healthy lifestyle. I have chosen to change careers and help others also, so they too can learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Any tips for those who are curious about living happier, healthier lives?

  • Daily gratitude
  • Time with nature
  • Time connecting with family and friends

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