Tahoe Tribe Series—Laurie Flesher, The Tracker

The Tahoe Tribe blog series features a group of women that are dedicated to supporting success in each other’s personal and professional lives. Each and every woman is remarkable in their own way, offering unique—and absolutely invaluable— contributions to each other and to the WWA movement as a whole.

As a unit and as individuals, these ladies both redefine and exemplify the true meanings of support, love, sisterhood, and friendship. In short, Walking With America simply would not be possible without them!

As “The Tracker,” Laurie is ready and waiting to help Sheryl with anything that she may need, including recording her progress and matching her mileage. If Sheryl walks 10 miles in a day, you can bet that Laurie is going to walk 10 miles too, showing love and support from afar.

Laurie is also planning to meet Sheryl for a walk and an H3 (Healthy Happy Hour) event during her trek across America. As she says, “Sheryl is an inspiration! She is the Dreamer, and this is a big dream! I am happy if I can provide support to her in any way.”

What does Walking With America mean to you?

Sheryl is walking across America to inspire others to be in the community and in the great outdoors, getting people out exercising—and ultimately, to be healthier, happier, and more connected to the communities around them, [which are] all things that speak to me about the WWA movement!

How would you describe the Tahoe Tribe to someone you just met?

The Tahoe Tribe is a group of not-necessarily- like-minded women who try to identify personal goals and aspirations and work together to help each other achieve their individual goals.

Some might be losing weight, some might be starting a business, and some might be just getting their act together! All the women inspire and encourage each other to achieve whatever goal is important to each person.

What does the Tahoe Tribe mean to you?

The love and care shown for each person in the Tribe by the rest of the group is apparent to all, and makes me think this group has the potential for staying together long term – unlike so many other groups that tend to fall apart.

The Tahoe Tribe has made my time in Tahoe better and better. And, I’m so appreciative that even though I am currently part-time in Tahoe, I am loved and accepted by the group!

How do you stay happy & healthy each day?

  • I always walk 10k steps per day at a minimum, and love to cycle, kayak, hike, ski, and snowshoe
  • I love getting together with friends and doing all of the above outdoor activities (and of course, dancing, eating, drinking!)
  • Helping out my friends whenever they need it

Any tips for those who are curious about living happier, healthier lives?

One of the best ways to live healthier, happier lives is to work with others who have the same vision. Join a group with similar goals and communicate with them regularly.

Want to lose weight? Trade recipes, work out together, and check in regularly with your partner to keep each other on track. Identify your goal and track your progress.

Want to walk 5 miles a day? Get a fitness tracker, and a walking buddy (for accountability) and record your successes, and your failures, so you know when you are doing well, and what you need to do better!

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