The Tahoe Tribe blog series features a group of women that are dedicated to supporting success in each other’s personal and professional lives. Each and every woman is remarkable in their own way, offering unique—and absolutely invaluable— contributions to each other and to the WWA movement as a whole.

As a unit and as individuals, these ladies both redefine and exemplify the true meanings of support, love, sisterhood, and friendship. In short, Walking With America simply would not be possible without them!

As “The Coach,” Rebecca has been behind the scenes since the beginning, helping Sheryl focus on her outcome and supporting her in her first steps towards the wild adventure that is Walking With America.

Throughout the walk, Rebecca’s role will continue to be helping Sheryl focus and accomplish her goals, using her background as a business coach and a life coach to fuel the dream of spreading happiness and healthy living across America!

What does Walking With America mean to you?

My thought with WWA has always been how can we take this dream and use it to make a difference and to help others.  As a business coach for a living and a certified life coach, I exist in this world to make a difference.

WWA is yet another avenue I can reach out and help others through connection–to get out and walk with Sheryl, connect, live, be happy, healthy and get outside!

How would you describe Walking With America to someone you just met?

It’s about getting outside and connecting with one another.  Getting away from social media, getting away from television, being outdoors, and enjoying walking together and talking with one another.

How would you describe the Tahoe Tribe to someone you just met?

Sheryl and I formed the Tahoe Tribe together when we decided to snowshoe through “Snowmageddon” one late afternoon.  As we sank, even with snowshoes knee-deep into exhaustion, we decided to form a women’s group based on setting goals, supporting each other to stay on track towards those goals, and celebrating each other.

We wanted to choose a set of women we felt would truly fully support one another without question and with only love and light.  We have only been amazed and blessed by what the Tribe has become.  Something truly special has evolved!

What does the Tahoe Tribe mean to you?

Oh gosh!  I honestly say after having the tribe in my life I couldn’t live without these ladies.  I love them—and I mean, really love them!  I know I have this group of women in my life I can count on.  As a single woman with no local family and not much family at all,  I have no worries because the Tribe is in my life.  That is huge.

The Tribe is beautiful– it is love, it is friendship, it is family. And of course, the biggest bonus is that the Tribe is absolute fun!

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