Tahoe Tribe Series—Sheryl Ferguson, The Naturalist

The Tahoe Tribe blog series features a group of women that are dedicated to supporting success in each other’s personal and professional lives. Each and every woman is remarkable in their own way, offering unique—and absolutely invaluable— contributions to each other and to the WWA movement as a whole.

As a unit and as individuals, these ladies both redefine and exemplify the true meanings of support, love, sisterhood, and friendship. In short, Walking With America simply would not be possible without them!

As “The Naturalist,” Sheryl F. brings essential insight and experience on the Great Outdoors—and how to fully enjoy it—to Walking With America.

Over the next six months, Sheryl F. will be assisting Sheryl L. (forming the dynamic duo known as “Sheryl Squared”) with insight and tools for gear, ideas for adventure, tips on local wildlife, and how to stop and appreciate natural beauty along the way.

With the expert guidance of “The Naturalist,” Walking With America can truly accomplish wonderful things, no matter where the trail leads. Who knows—by the end of it all, Sheryl Lynn could become a seasoned pro at spotting the differences between an East Coast Blue Jay and a West Coast Steller’s Jay!

What does Walking With America mean to you?

My career was with the USDA Forest Service before I quit to raise a family, and my degree is in Wildlife Biology & Forestry.  I still participate in activities that are close to my degree and passion – nature!

With that said, the underlying passion and mission of Walking With America is a perfect fit for me. Sheryl a sweetheart, and I believe that you can’t go wrong with getting closer to the outdoors. If you’re going to get addicted to anything, get addicted to nature!

How would you describe the Tahoe Tribe to someone you just met?

Genuine, supportive, caring girlfriends.

How do you stay happy & healthy each day?

Staying happy and healthy each day is easy for me—I live in Lake Tahoe!  I love living where there are more trees than people. I have a gorgeous, big, white Siberian husky who accompanies me on most of my romps in the mountains:  hiking, cross-country skiing, full moon adventures, etc.

Any tips for those who are curious about living happier, healthier lives?

  • Watch more sunsets
  • Take more hikes
  • Get outdoors!
  • Less is more—Downsize whenever possible!
  • Clear away the clutter in your life (this is an ongoing work in progress for me!)

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