It was a perfect day in Tahoe for an outdoor activity. No snow on the ground, yet we need our umbrellas to keep the rain and sleet off of us.  The little amount of precipitation was enough to get us wet, but it did not matter, after all, we are from Tahoe!  Everything went perfectly to plan.  All of our friends brought friends, they came on time and many even arrived early to get prepared.  Jim and Beth were there to shoot the video so we were all set.  I gave a short little speech and explained a little about Walking With America.  Then I said, “Come on America, Let’s Walk!”

As per previous events, I have done, our very diverse eclectic group were outgoing, excited to meet each other, up for anything and extremely friendly.  There was a ton of fun as everyone disconnected from the phones, and connected to a real human spirit.  It gave me such joy to hear the laughter in the air and the busy curiosity about what we were actually doing.

For a little over a mile and about 1 hour of time, we walked and talked, and talked and walked.  We had families with dogs, and children and friends and fresh air.  It was colorful and bright and fantastic.

We waved to passerby’s as we obviously spread joy to the drivers and passengers in the vehicles. You could tell by the enormous smiles on their faces as well as the many people waived back to us. They did not really know what was going on, but someday they will.

The group stayed together and when we got to the South Lake Tahoe High School corner, we had a surprise hiding behind the rocks at the Tahoe High School wall. But first, I asked everyone to tell us why they thought Walking with America was a good thing.  They said, “It’s so needed.” “It’s fun.” “We are outside living life.” “Fresh air and exercise.” There were many other comments as well.  I then asked everyone to tell me one thing worth celebrating the last 24 hours, which is my usual go-to question for a new group.  Again a diverse set of answers; one woman was getting over an illness, two of them said they had been able to work as a team and had fun doing it.  A gentleman commented on how happy he was for making healthy choices about diet and exercise in the last 24 hours.

All in all, I think the event gave us all a little more of what we need as humans; connection, a sense of belonging, and the time to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Of course, there was love.

I am so pleased. I hope you are all too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming out! Be ready for Walking to America to come to your community, and please do WALK WITH ME!

Plan to join us on Feb 17, 2018, in South Lake Tahoe for our Official Tahoe Kickoff for Walking With America 2018!  Details to follow.  Stay tuned to this site.


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