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Celebrating 1,000 miles of happiness, health, and building community

Tuesday, June 19th

Announcements / Initiatives

  • Sponsorships—Viva, Zenify, Vitalign, Nutraceuticals
  • Partnerships —Thermau, Sprouts Farmers Market
  • State Gazette Interview —While passing through Dyersburg, TN, Sheryl and Xavier were interviewed by the State Gazette. Check out their interview here!
  • VanArtwork—WWA was lucky enough to cross paths with Khari Turner in Clarksvile, TN, who became our next local artist to leave their brushstrokes on the van! Check out our “On the Road with WWA” section for pictures and details on Khari Turner’s
  • Congratulations,Taylor!— The WWA team would like to extend a huge congratulations to Sheryl’s daughter Taylor, who just graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Business Economics/Sociology. Sending all of the high-fives for a job well done!
  • New Blog Post— This week, the World Health Organization added “gaming disorder” as a mental health condition and a growing global concern. Check out our blog post for more information on what gaming disorder is, and how Walking With America can
  • Regrouping, Re-branding, and Resting—At the 1,000 mile mark, Sheryl and Xavier have decided that the best way to bring WWA across the country is to take a sorely needed rest to evaluate their progress, spend time with family, and prepare for the next steps in this epic journey. See this week’s “Message from Sheryl” for an in-depth discussion of what to expect in the interim, and all of the exciting changes and growth that WWA is preparing for in the weeks ahead!

On the Road with WWA – Khari Turner

While walking through Clarksville, TN, Sheryl and Xavier visited a local artist co-op. They were introduced to Khari Turner, an unbelievably talented portrait artist who added portraits—yes, actual portraits!—of Sheryl, Xavier, and Haywood to the WWA van.

This addition represents the collective efforts of the trio to inspire a nation of walkers, asking people to get outside without the distraction of digital screens and devices. A huge round of applause and gratitude to Khari for helping to make the van into a beautiful and vivid representation of Walking With America!

Khari Turner WWA van Khari Turner WWA artwork WWA Clarksville TN

WWA Event in Nashville, TN – The Turnip Truck

We had an amazing turnout for our event at The Turnip Truck in Nashville, TN. It was wonderful to meet so many locals, make new friends, and mingle with the CMA crowd (and even see Darius Rucker and Blake Shelton)!

Everyone was so receptive to the WWA mission, and we truly had a wonderful weekend. Nashville is a wonderful city (if for nothing else, the peach moonshine is worth a visit!).Once the live bands were playing and those cowboy boots were on, you would never know that our feet had walked 1,000 miles!

A big thank you to the folks at The Turnip Truck for welcoming us with open arms and for letting us set up shop for a few hours!

Turnip Truck WWA Nashville

Message From Sheryl – Highlight of the Week

My Dearest Walker Friends,

First and foremost, I want to tell you that Walking With America is still very much alive and well—but that we will be taking a much-needed, brief respite to regroup. When all is said and done, WWA is much bigger and much grander than I would have ever thought, and it’s a lot to take on! I want WWA to be a household name and to be around for many years to come, and the best way to do that is to make sure that every mile is focused, organized, passionate, and purposeful.

This past weekend was the beginning of a regrouping—I have the wonderful opportunity to take the first 1,000 miles, think about what I learned, and then explore how I can implement what I have learned during the next 1,000 miles.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking time for meetings with sponsors, upgrading our media coverage, implementing new ideas for events, evaluating our branding, and more.

Our aim is to pick back up right where we left off and continue walking to Madison, WI. Haywood has some great local ties, and we’ll be organizing a huge WWA event to welcome us back onto the road. (Of course, it’s also going to help that it will be at least 30 degrees cooler in Wisconsin!)

So, let’s get down to it: What’s changed? What can you expect now?

The end goal of WWA is still the same — we are still going to walk 3,000 miles by October 1st. Our vision is still the same — to heal, connect, and gather as many people as we can to walk with us in each community we cross paths with. The only thing that is different is that we realized that we are human! There will be times where each of us needs to hit the reset button — to reflect, to process, and to spend time with the people that we love the most (don’t ever forget how important it is to have quality family time!).

During this quick break, you can expect that we will all be hard at work, brainstorming about our brand, chasing down media contacts, planning new events, and continuing to build WWA into the national movement that it is destined to be.

Until then, my Dearest Walker Friends, stay tuned! Walk with me on Saturday mornings, keep an eye on social media, and check your email for our next newsletter. There are big things in store, and I can’t wait to share every step with you!

Thank You, WWA Crew!

sheryl lynn WWA

As always, this is our opportunity to extend the warmest of thank-you’s to everyone who has contributed their time, support, sponsorship, donations, and help. Every week, I am amazed at how the universe seems to bring exactly what we need, exactly when we need it — and that means each one of you.

Walking 1,000 miles is no small feat, and I could not have done it without this strong network of love, support, and friendship. This network of support is just incredible, and I hope that the continued growth and success of WWA can, in some way, represent the wave of gratitude that I feel.

Thank you to everyone who has been calling, emailing, and texting to check up on me, make sure that I am safe, and most importantly, to share with me their very own WALKING wins and triumphs! I hope to continue to hear from each one of you over the course of the next few weeks. I’ll be sharing my stories with you as well — you can bet that my feet won’t be rested for very long!

You are all making an incredible difference– and not just in your own lives, but in the lives of those you pass along the way, and certainly in mine.

Walking With America has done some amazing things already, and I can’t wait to share everything that we have in store for the next phase of our journey. STAY TUNED for Phase Two of WWA!

Saturday Mornings – Walk With Me!

Because Walking With America seeks to help people create happier, healthier lives, part of our initiative is making walking a part of our regular routine. In the true Walking With America spirit, I want to remind you that you are all invited to join me me in my weekly Saturday morning walk!

#walkwithme as a way to shake off the last remnants of sleep, after your first cup of coffee, when the dog starts whining, or whenever works best for your schedule! Our ultimate goal is to get everyone in the nation walking together and committed to their health and happiness.

No matter when you walk, don’t forget to wear yellow and to invite a friend or family member to join you! I can’t wait to hear your stories, share in your successes, and see your Saturday morning photos and videos using the social media links below!

Walking With America (WWA) is Sheryl Lynn’s six-month mission of walking from Key West, FL to San Francisco, CA, all while encouraging others to take their health and happiness into their own hands.

At its core, WWA is about creating healthier, happier individuals through personal accountability, empowerment, and community. Sheryl’s feel-good community of walkers offers a message of support and a call to action, unlocking health and happiness one step at a time–and even better, sharing it with those around you.

My name is Sheryl Lynn, and I invite you all to #walkwithme–become a part of the movement and contribute an integral piece of my ultimate vision: to walk together, share a moment of our lives, and come to a happier, healthier understanding of our world.

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