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When WWA & the CMAs Collide!

Friday, June 8th

Announcements / Initiatives

  • Sponsorships—Viva, Zenify, Vitalign, Nutraceuticals
  • Partnerships —Thermau, Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Exploring PartnershipsSensi Magazine, and RDKL
  • Website Down—If you’ve tried to visit the website over the past week, you may have noticed that the Walking With America site was experiencing some issues. We are happy to announce that this was temporary and that the website is officially back up and running!
  • Nashville, TN — Sheryl and Xavier are officially in Nashville! Today, they will be heading to the highway at Bridgestone Theater, where the local radio station is having a live event. Be on the lookout for fun videos and pictures on the WWA Facebook and Instagram feeds!
  • Country Music Awards— The CMAs are underway, the streets are crowded, live music is playing, and they’ve already seen Blake Shelton and Darius Rucker, so it’s a great weekend to be in Music City. Plus, Sheryl and Xavier picked up some rhinestone cowboy shirts at the local thrift store and have boots on the way, so WWA is about to get infused with some classic country!
  • Van Artwork—While traveling through Tennessee, WWA was lucky enough to cross paths with our next artist, Kathryn! See below for pictures in our “On the Road with WWA” section.
  • Walking with America event— On Saturday, WWA will be at The Turnip Truck, Nashville’s only full-service, locally owned natural foods grocery. See below for more details – and if you or someone you know is in the Nashville area, come on by and say hello! (And of course, if you can’t join us in Nashville, you can join us by WALKING on Saturday morning.)

Upcoming Cities

  • Nashville, TN – June 8-10
  • Clarksville, TN – TBD

On the Road with WWA

As Sheryl and Xavier were walking through Manchester, TN, they passed by Dianna, a local mother of four girls. (Oddly enough, at the same time, a motorcycle passed by with another new friend named Drew, who was riding his Harley across America. What a small world!)

In true “Southern hospitality” style, Dianna put mowing the lawn to the side and invited everyone onto the porch for some relaxation, laughs, and sweet tea. Sheryl, Xavier, and Drew got to meet Karie, Terry, Emillee, and Kathryn, and talk about the benefits of breaking away from social media and just being outside. It was so enlightening to see that even these young ladies were committed to spending time with each other, instead of in front of a screen.

Luckily, Kathryn is also a talented painter, and offered to paint her own mural onto the WWA van! Check out her work below – we are so grateful to have found another awesome local artist. What a wonderful way to remember Tennessee!

Kathryn painting the WWA van TN

Walking With America in Tennessee

Introducing Our Official Walking With America Van!

From Key West to California

With the constant humidity and beautiful Southern sunshine, you may have noticed that we’ve decided to revamp our “Team Uniforms.” Instead of our t-shirts, we’re wearing bright yellow tank tops. Amidst all this warmth and rain, the extra breathing has already made a HUGE difference in our morale and visibility out on the road — and of course, our laundry schedule.

We’ve also added “Key West to California” on the back to better explain what we are doing. So far, the new uniforms have gotten great responses! Every day, we have multiple people coming up to us and saying, “You’re doing WHAT?!” (Or, in Tennessee, they say “Bless your heart – I can’t even walk across the street in this heat!)

The conversation, the smiles, and the instant friendships that jump to life from this simple question are amazing. We can’t wait to keep spreading WWA across the country!

Walking With America new uniform

WWA Event in Nashville, TN – The Turnip Truck

On Saturday, June 9th, WWA will be at The Turnip Truck, Nashville’s only full-service, locally owned natural foods grocery. If you or someone you know is in the area, don’t be shy – come out and say hello!

The Walking with America team will be getting to know the locals, sparking positive conversation, having some laughs, and showing Nashville how to live happier, healthier lives! Our event is happening from 11 am-1 pm at:

The Turnip Truck
321 12th Ave S
Nashville, TN

WWA Turnip Truck TN

WWA and the Turnip Truck Nashville

 Brief Team Update

  • Roxann – Facilitating crew meetings and providing PA services for Sheryl
  • Mike – 25 sponsors at $2,500
  • Caitlin – Newsletters, blog content, phone interviews, email support
  • Steve & Todd – Brand messaging/posts on Instagram and Facebook, tracking SEO progress
  • Kelley – Updating XL spreadsheet (Tennessee dates and locations)
  • Nicole – Route updates/coordination, sending newsletter via MailChimp

Things to Focus On


    From time to time, we need to re-order supplies — but we don’t always have a place to send them to. If you have a friend, family member, or business partner along our route that would be willing to let us borrow their address and pick up supplies, please reach out!


    Do you know anyone who would love to design and paint their unique artwork on the Walking With America van? If so, please reach out — we would love to add as much local artwork as we can, eventually creating a beautiful mosaic of the diverse talent, heart, and soul of the communities that WWA encounters along the way.


    One of our primary focus points over the next few weeks will be creating an effective marketing strategy. This includes exploring how team uniforms can better communicate the WWA mission, solidifying processes for reaching out to local news media, planning events, exploring local community calendars, and more.


    Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to like or share our social media posts! This is a huge piece of what will truly push Walking With America to the top, and we appreciate everyone’s continued efforts to keep the national conversation going about living a healthy, happy lifestyle. Keep sharing and liking WWA on Instagram and Facebook!


    We are making wonderful progress on finding and exploring creative partners for WWA. Let’s keep this going– just a reminder to keep your ears and eyes open for any brand or company that could potentially be a great match for Walking With America (keep these values in mind: happiness, physical and mental health, exercise, community, and natural products).

Message From Sheryl – Highlight of the Week

My Dearest Walker Friends,

This week, we did 74 miles in the blistering, 90-degrees-and-climbing heat. Combined with days of sickness and torrential rain, we’ve really been put to the test during this portion of the walk! It’s been emotional, it’s been frustrating, and at times, it’s even been hilarious — but most of all, it has been SO rewarding.

Over the past few days, I’ve had an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate on being present throughout this journey. To me, Walking with America means focusing on being present in every moment — to take notice of the world around you, take deep breaths, enjoy the sunshine, and to make the effort to create personal connections.

I had an epiphany – this journey is all about focusing on feeling good. It’s about engaging with your local community, with the natural beauty around you, and taking time to make yourself feel good through walking.

We have been so blessed by simply focusing on feeling good and connecting with people we meet. This week, I’d love to share this story with you:

In Chattanooga, even though we were sick as dogs and it was raining, we decided to get out and do a 9-mile hike on Raccoon Mountain. We got stuck at the top, and ran across a bus filled with 17 and 18-year-old kids from a youth ministry in Alabama. They became instant friends, and offered to give us a ride back down the mountain!

On our way down, we played TAG with them, a game that Haywood shared with us (we play it almost every day now).

It starts just like regular tag, where you touch someone and then say, “Hey, you’re it!” But this version of TAG stands for Thankful, Appreciative, and Grateful. One by one, these kids went around and shared why they are Thankful (something in the past), Appreciative (what is happening today), and Grateful (something in the future that you are looking forward to).

These kids were all so grounded, with so much love for their family, their school, and their faith. It was beautiful, reinvigorating, and inspiring. It was exactly what WWA is all about – creating connections where you least expect it, even on top of a mountain!

This week, if you’re feeling stuck, take some time to nurture your body and your soul. Focus on what makes you feel good – and I hope that walking becomes one of those things for you! Most of all, whenever and wherever you walk, I hope that you are greeted by beautiful sunshine, fresh air, happiness, and positive vibes – you deserve it!

Photo Reel – What a Week in the Life of WWA Looks Like

(Because sometimes words just aren’t enough!)

WWA in Manchester, TN

Thank You, WWA Crew!

sheryl lynn WWA

As always, this is our opportunity to extend the warmest of thank-you’s to everyone who has contributed their time, support, sponsorship, donations, and help. Every week, I am amazed at how the universe seems to bring exactly what we need, exactly when we need it — and that means each one of you.

This network of support is just incredible, and I hope that the continued growth and success of WWA can, in some way, represent the wave of gratitude that I feel.

Thank you to Dianna, for welcoming us into your home with open arms! Thank you to Karie, Terry, Emillee, and Kathryn for sharing your stories, your enthusiasm, and your laughter.

A special thank you to Kathryn, for donating your time and artistry to help make our WWA van into a beautiful, inspiring piece of art!

Finally, thank you to Haywood, who shared with us the game of TAG, opening the door for new friendships and fostering a deeper appreciation of what life has to offer, every day.

Thank you to the crew members, who continue to give their all into making sure WWA is visible, engaging, and present. Thank you to everyone who has been calling, emailing, and texting to check up on me, make sure that I am safe, and most importantly, to share with me their very own WALKING wins and triumphs!

THANK YOU for your ideas, your motivation, your support, and your love. You are all making an incredible difference– and not just in your own lives, but in those you pass along the way, and certainly in mine.

Saturday Mornings – Walk With Me!

Because Walking With America seeks to help people create happier, healthier lives, part of our initiative is making walking a part of our regular routine. In the true Walking With America spirit, I want to remind you that you are all invited to join me me in my weekly Saturday morning walk!

#walkwithme as a way to shake off the last remnants of sleep, after your first cup of coffee, when the dog starts whining, or whenever works best for your schedule! Our ultimate goal is to get everyone in the nation walking together and committed to their health and happiness.

No matter when you walk, don’t forget to wear yellow and to invite a friend or family member to join you! I can’t wait to hear your stories, share in your successes, and see your Saturday morning photos and videos using the social media links below!

Walking With America (WWA) is Sheryl Lynn’s six-month mission of walking from Key West, FL to San Francisco, CA, all while encouraging others to take their health and happiness into their own hands.

At its core, WWA is about creating healthier, happier individuals through personal accountability, empowerment, and community. Sheryl’s feel-good community of walkers offers a message of support and a call to action, unlocking health and happiness one step at a time–and even better, sharing it with those around you.

My name is Sheryl Lynn, and I invite you all to #walkwithme–become a part of the movement and contribute an integral piece of my ultimate vision: to walk together, share a moment of our lives, and come to a happier, healthier understanding of our world.

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