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Georgia – We’re Here!

Friday, May 11th

Announcements / Initiatives

  • Sponsorships —Viva, Zenify, Vitalign, Nutraceuticals
  • Partnerships—Theramu, Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Exploring PartnershipsSensi Magazine, KEEN, RDKL, Healthier Jupiter
  • Linda Brandt, Artist & Author—We are so excited to announce that Linda Brandt, artist and author from St. Augustine, is our first local artist to paint a panel on our new van! Keep reading for more info on this exciting new initiative.
  • News4JAX—Last week, Sheryl and Xavier got a 5-minute segment on News4JAX, a local Jacksonville, FL news station. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here. They both did a fantastic job!
  • “Wish List”—With tons of questions each week on how people can help, Sheryl is currently working on putting together a “Wish List” of things that she may need. It could be anything from a care package of healthy snacks to connecting with someone you know along her path. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding this list to the newsletter; please feel free to share with anyone who may be able to help!
  • Laura S. Walker State Park— Over the next few days, we will be setting up base camp at Laura S. Walker State Park in Waycross, GA – which, as the name suggests, is the perfect place for Walking With America!
  • Check Out the Blog!— Here at WWA, we all know that walking is great for your health, but did you know that there are some specific benefits for those who suffer from back pain? If you find yourself struggling with an aching spine, shoulders, or neck, head to the blog for a quick read on how walking can support better back health: 5 Surprising Ways That Walking Each Day Can Relieve Back Pain

Upcoming Cities

  • Waycross, GA – Sunday
  • Macon, GA –  TBD
  • Atlanta, GA – TBD

On the Road with Sheryl, Ruben, and Xavier

We are thrilled to announce our first partnership with a local artist, marking the start of our exciting new marketing initiative!

Rather than order a WWA decal to decorate the van and advertise the walk, we decided to do some brainstorming on what would best represent our brand, mission, and people. Sheryl’s daughter, Rachel, came up with a wonderful idea to partner with local artists that we meet along the way and have them turn the van into a mobile art gallery.

Not only does this bring a certain uniqueness and vast potential, but it is directly in line with what WWA seeks to do — to engage with local communities an get involved in new ways!

With this new direction in mind, throughout the walk, we will be actively searching for artists within the community that have a passion in designing their own unique interpretation of happiness, health, and walking.

Our first partnership is with Linda Brandt, an artist and author from St. Augustine, Florida. Stay tuned for additional details and pictures of the van, and check out her stunning body of work at the links below:

Brief Team Update

  • Roxann – Facilitating crew and providing PA services for Sheryl
  • Mike – 25 sponsors at $2,500
  • Caitlin – Newsletters, blog content, phone interviews, email support
  • Steve & Todd – Uploading videos to YouTube, brand messaging/posts on Instagram and Facebook, tracking SEO progress
  • Kelley – Updating XL spreadsheet (Georgia dates and locations)
  • Nicole – Setting up Mail Chimp, route updates/coordination

Things to Focus On

    Do you know anyone who would love to design and paint their unique artwork on the Walking With America van? If so, please reach out — we would love to add as much local artwork as we can, eventually creating a beautiful mosaic of the diverse talent, heart, and soul of the communities that WWA encounters along the way!
    One of our primary focus points over the next few weeks will be creating an effective marketing strategy. This includes exploring how team uniforms can better communicate the WWA mission, solidifying processes for reaching out to local news media, planning events, exploring local community calendars, and more.
    Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to like or share our social media posts! This is a huge piece of what will truly push Walking With America to the top, and we appreciate everyone’s continued efforts to keep the national conversation going about living a healthy, happy lifestyle. Keep sharing and liking WWA on Instagram and Facebook!
    We are making wonderful progress on finding and exploring creative partners for WWA! Let’s keep this going– just a reminder to keep your ears and eyes open for any brand or company that could potentially be a great match for Walking With America (keep these values in mind: happiness, physical and mental health, exercise, community, and natural products).

Message From Sheryl – Highlight of the Week

My Dearest Walker Friends,

We are officially in Georgia, and loving every minute! Florida was beautiful, but it was also marked some of the most challenging weeks that I could have ever anticipated. April may have been agony, but so far, May has been pure magic!

It has been wonderful to experience the joy of making new friends, inspiring those around us, and receiving help just when we need it the most. Last month, we begged, borrowed, wished, planted ENDLESS seeds for the Universe to provide – and now, everything is coming together.

In St. George, GA, we were blessed to have a local Baptist church open their doors to us, providing a full kitchen, bathrooms, and showers for a full three days. After walking 20 miles a day in the heat and sun, those days were absolute heaven!

After struggling to carry all of our things and stay safe while on the road, we have been lucky enough to add our van, Chris, to our team. This is HUGE for us, as we can spend less time planning and fixing things, and more time walking and interacting with people!

Not only do we have a van, but we also have a beautiful yellow bike (we’re calling him Tucker) to help transport our designated driver back and forth.

These shining moments of the universe aligning – finding a van, the generosity of a local church, a new bike – are just the beginning to the beautiful, magical month that lies ahead!

For as many gifts as we have received, we want to be able to pass along just as much love, appreciation, and magic to those that we meet along the way. If you feel inspired to be a part of this movement, you can help by donating at GoFundMe.

Together, we can help people that WWA has touched along the way – like Grace, who had to quit high school at 16 to work and help her family pay the bills. Or Taylor, whose mother was strangled by a man who got away free and clear, leaving her to raise her siblings at the young age of 21 instead of going to cosmetology school.

These are the people who need the love, energy, healing, and positive message of Walking With America! With your help, I am privileged to pass on every blessing – this week, don’t forget to smile, show kindness, and most importantly, WALK!

Thank You, WWA Crew!


We are officially halfway through May, which means that it is certainly time to take a moment and express my appreciation for everything that each of you are doing to show support, appreciation, and love for WWA.

The first month was a struggle to say the least, and now that things are starting to fall into place, I am eternally grateful to have such a large network of support!

Thank you to everyone who has been calling emailing, and texting to check up on me, make sure that I am safe, and most importantly, to share with me their very own WALKING wins and triumphs!

I love hearing you tell me that you left your car keys on the table and walked to the dentist instead, that you took the scenic route around the park, or that you woke up early on Saturday just to get a few steps in as I was walking, too.

You are all making an incredible difference– and not just in your own lives, but in the lives of those you pass along the way, and certainly in mine.

THANK YOU for your ideas, your motivation, your support, and your love. It is my greatest joy to be lucky enough to share this journey with you!

Saturday Mornings – Walk With Me!

Because Walking With America seeks to help people create happier, healthier lives, part of our initiative is making walking a part of our regular routine. In the true Walking With America spirit, I want to remind you that you are all invited to join me me in my weekly Saturday morning walk!

#walkwithme as a way to shake off the last remnants of sleep, after your first cup of coffee, when the dog starts whining, or whenever works best for your schedule! Our ultimate goal is to get everyone in the nation walking together and committed to their health and happiness.

No matter when you walk, don’t forget to wear yellow and to invite a friend or family member to join you! I can’t wait to hear your stories, share in your successes, and see your Saturday morning photos and videos using the social media links below!

Walking With America (WWA) is Sheryl Lynn’s six-month mission of walking from Key West, FL to San Francisco, CA, all while encouraging others to take their health and happiness into their own hands.

At its core, WWA is about creating healthier, happier individuals through personal accountability, empowerment, and community. Sheryl’s feel-good community of walkers offers a message of support and a call to action, unlocking health and happiness one step at a time–and even better, sharing it with those around you.

My name is Sheryl Lynn, and I invite you all to #walkwithme–become a part of the movement and contribute an integral piece of my ultimate vision: to walk together, share a moment of our lives, and come to a happier, healthier understanding of our world.

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