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Walking With Georgia on Our Minds

Friday, May 18th

Announcements / Initiatives

  • Sponsorships —Viva, Zenify, Vitalign, Nutraceuticals
  • Partnerships—Theramu, Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Exploring PartnershipsSensi Magazine, RDKL
  • Van Artwork—On Mother’s Day, we had a professional photographer visit and take pictures of the new WWA van and artwork by Linda Brandt. In the coming week, we hope to be able to share these pictures with you — stay tuned!
  • Mail Chimp— Our subscriber service is now up and running! If you know of anyone who would be interested in receiving our weekly newsletter, they can head over to our home page, scroll down to the bottom, and sign up!
  • “Wish List”—With tons of questions each week on how people can help, Sheryl is currently working on putting together a “Wish List” of things that she may need. It could be anything from a care package of healthy snacks to connecting with someone you know along her path. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding this list to the newsletter; please feel free to share with anyone who may be able to help!
  • Check Out the Blog!— While it might not be surprising that we believe walking is great for your physical health, you may not realize that walking can fine-tune your emotional and mental health, too. If you’re feeling stressed or need to recharge, head to the blog for a quick read on 5 Fantastic Ways Walking Boosts Your Emotional & Mental Health.

Upcoming Cities

  • Macon, GA – Sunday, May 20th at Yvonne’s Natural Market (11 am – 5 pm)
  • Atlanta, GA – TBD

On the Road with Sheryl, Ruben, and Xavier

This week, we had the pleasure of spending time with Linda Brandt, our first artist to leave their own unique, creative imprint on our WWA van.

It was such a genuine pleasure to spend time with Linda and be a part of the creative process, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with her! Stay tuned for additional details and pictures of Linda’s artistry from Mischele Miller Photography.

We cannot wait to officially unveil our new design and branding during our next Walking With America event. As we lead into Sunday, keep an eye on social media for additional information and real-time updates from Yvonne’s Natural Market in Macon, Georgia!

Brief Team Update

  • Roxann – Facilitating crew meetings and providing PA services for Sheryl
  • Mike – 25 sponsors at $2,500
  • Caitlin – Newsletters, blog content, phone interviews, email support
  • Steve & Todd – Uploading videos to YouTube, brand messaging/posts on Instagram and Facebook, tracking SEO progress
  • Kelley – Updating XL spreadsheet (Georgia dates and locations)
  • Nicole – Route updates/coordination, Mail Chimp assistance

Things to Focus On


    From time to time, we need to re-order supplies — but we don’t always have a place to send them to. If you have a friend, family member, or business partner along our route that would be willing to let us borrow their address and pick up supplies, please reach out!


    Do you know anyone who would love to design and paint their unique artwork on the Walking With America van? If so, please reach out — we would love to add as much local artwork as we can, eventually creating a beautiful mosaic of the diverse talent, heart, and soul of the communities that WWA encounters along the way!


    One of our primary focus points over the next few weeks will be creating an effective marketing strategy. This includes exploring how team uniforms can better communicate the WWA mission, solidifying processes for reaching out to local news media, planning events, exploring local community calendars, and more.


    Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to like or share our social media posts! This is a huge piece of what will truly push Walking With America to the top, and we appreciate everyone’s continued efforts to keep the national conversation going about living a healthy, happy lifestyle. Keep sharing and liking WWA on Instagram and Facebook!


    We are making wonderful progress on finding and exploring creative partners for WWA! Let’s keep this going– just a reminder to keep your ears and eyes open for any brand or company that could potentially be a great match for Walking With America (keep these values in mind: happiness, physical and mental health, exercise, community, and natural products).

Message From Sheryl – Highlight of the Week

My Dearest Walker Friends,

First things first: have you been to Georgia yet? If not, it’s time to schedule a trip, because these are the most beautiful state parks that I have ever seen! Being surround by so much natural beauty makes me so thankful for every moment.

After all, it’s the process of walking that lets us enjoy the trees and lakes to their fullest. Our days end by reminiscing on every positive moment, relaxing beneath the sunset amidst this gorgeous wilderness of trees and water. Georgia is truly On My Mind, and it’s more beautiful than I could have expected!

This week, I would like to share with you a little bit about where the walk is at and the kind of personal progress that Ruben, Xavier, and I have made as a team.

With the addition of the van, we realized that walking is much more about daily quality, rather than quantity. We want to be safe and healthy, but we also want to reach as many people as possible! We are more equipped than ever to show that we are fun, energetic, and enthusiastic people who are consciously choosing to live healthier lives.

As our daily routine keeps evolving, we are so blessed to have one spot for all of our gear and a safe place to camp out, hydrate, and treat our sore muscles (shout out to Theramu – the official hero of our daily 20-mile walks!).

On a personal level, all three of us are starting to feel and see real changes — our greatest lesson is that pain means change! Aching muscles are toning up, weight is melting off, and our bodies are getting stronger by the day. All in all, our new fitness routine (although unconventional) is pretty spectacular!

There are also many personal changes — together, we are learning how to cooperate, walk, and most importantly, LAUGH. Navigating the interpersonal dynamics of this vibrant, rag-tag group is all a big learning process for us, and we are finally learning to enjoy and appreciate it for what it is.

Nearly two months in, we’re becoming experts in staying positive; identifying what’s working and what isn’t; laughing through the bug bites; owning the tragedy of “Who forgot to bring the food”; and yes, even learning about Boy Needs vs Girl Needs on the road!

From physical to emotional and mental, Walking With America is making us all stronger, more centered, kinder, happier, more patient and, at the end of each day, infinitely better people. Come and WALK WITH US, America : We can’t wait to see you all!

Thank You, WWA Crew!

As always, this is our opportunity to extend the warmest of thank-you’s to everyone who has contributed their time, support, sponsorship, donations, and help. Every week, I am amazed at how the universe seems to bring exactly what we need, exactly when we need it — and that means each one of you.

This network of support is just incredible, and I hope that the continued growth and success of WWA can, in some way, represent the wave of gratitude that I feel.

Thank you to Linda Brandt, for being our very first featured artist and for helping to reinvigorate the WWA dream of breathing inspiration and life into local communities.

Thank you to Keely Webster from RDKL, who drove hours out of her way to meet me in Georgia (and on Mother’s Day, no less)!

Thank you to the crew members, who continue to give their all into making sure WWA is visible, engaging, and present. Thank you to everyone who has been calling, emailing, and texting to check up on me, make sure that I am safe, and most importantly, to share with me their very own WALKING wins and triumphs!

THANK YOU for your ideas, your motivation, your support, and your love. You are all making an incredible difference– and not just in your own lives, but in those you pass along the way, and certainly in mine.

Saturday Mornings – Walk With Me!

Because Walking With America seeks to help people create happier, healthier lives, part of our initiative is making walking a part of our regular routine. In the true Walking With America spirit, I want to remind you that you are all invited to join me me in my weekly Saturday morning walk!

#walkwithme as a way to shake off the last remnants of sleep, after your first cup of coffee, when the dog starts whining, or whenever works best for your schedule! Our ultimate goal is to get everyone in the nation walking together and committed to their health and happiness.

No matter when you walk, don’t forget to wear yellow and to invite a friend or family member to join you! I can’t wait to hear your stories, share in your successes, and see your Saturday morning photos and videos using the social media links below!

Walking With America (WWA) is Sheryl Lynn’s six-month mission of walking from Key West, FL to San Francisco, CA, all while encouraging others to take their health and happiness into their own hands.

At its core, WWA is about creating healthier, happier individuals through personal accountability, empowerment, and community. Sheryl’s feel-good community of walkers offers a message of support and a call to action, unlocking health and happiness one step at a time–and even better, sharing it with those around you.

My name is Sheryl Lynn, and I invite you all to #walkwithme–become a part of the movement and contribute an integral piece of my ultimate vision: to walk together, share a moment of our lives, and come to a happier, healthier understanding of our world.

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